Essay on The Increasing Use of Wind Energy

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Wind is an indirect form of solar energy that is created by the movement of air from one temperature zone to another and that is always replenished by the sun. Interest in renewable energy has been increasing worldwide. Current research allows for the production of lighter and more efficient wind turbine blades, which improves overall energy output. Wind turbines produce clean energy without the release of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
The use of wind energy has significant beneficial environmental impacts as an alternative source of energy including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful chemicals, reducing the use of water, and reduces demand for more environmentally harmful sources of energy. According to the American Wind Energy Association, the benefits of 20 percent share in energy supply by 2030 would result in “7.6 billion tons reduction of CO2, in 4 trillion gallon reduction in water use, in a reduction of natural gas prices by 12%, and will generate over $600 million for landowners in rural areas” (, 2014). In the United States, the location that features most use of wind renewable energy includes the state of California.
Despite many environmental benefits, wind turbines may cause physical harm to birds that may be caught in the turbines. Many cases were documented and studied that are associated with birds colliding with wind turbines (Osborn et al., 2000; Kunz et al., 2007). More recently, there were increasing number of…