The Increasingly Race Nature of Advertisements During the Super Bowl

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Given the popularity and the exuberant price for a 30 second Super Bowl ad is priced over $4,000,000 (Stauffer, 2013), more and more companies are using racy commercials laced with sexual innuendoes. The use of super model type females trying to sell products to the average football fan aged 18-49 (Gilmartin, 2013), using a variety of themes from Sexual assault (Covert, 2013), to the cliché that women are crazy (Covert, 2013), to a sexual fantasy with a make out session with a Victoria’s secret model and a nerd (Taibi, 2013), to waitresses turning into strippers (Covert, 2013), the list goes on and on; however no matter how the commercial tries to differentiate itself from the other commercials In the same time slot, one thing Is a common denominator between all of them and that is sex. The first question to ask yourself is, why are the Super Bowl ads such a big deal and how long has this phenomena been in place? Since when have people tuned their T.V’s in to watch this game, and how long have people been hosting “Super Bowl watch parties” for? What makes this one game such an extravaganza? A game that makes people who normally do not even care to watch the game, nor have any rooting interest in the game, but make sure not to miss a single minute of the game. According to Bill Dorman, (a Millersville University professor in the communications and theater department) believes that this mass hysteria probably started because of “(New York Jets quarterback) Joe Namath. He
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