The Incredible Mind of Sir Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton was an instrumental figure to the rise of modern science. Through his incredible mind, he was able to usher in a new age of science that revolved around logic and reason. He had redefined natural philosophy at the time and had enlightened the world with his mechanistic world view. However, Newton was not exactly as dedicated to logic and reason as many would like to think. Newton not only spent a significant amount of his time in the occult sciences such as alchemy, but was a deeply religious individual as well. Often times, many think of Newton as being one who pushed away religious faith as a means to uncovering the natural world by solely depending on the empirical science, however that is incorrect. Newton was very much influenced by his religious beliefs. In my paper, I aim to bring Newton’s religiosity to light and uncover how it not only influenced his work in the natural science but how it led him to great research in alchemy as well. I will also focus on why Newton did not bring out his religious inclinations during his time which would forever change his portrayal in the modern world. In order to answer my first point of how religion influenced Newton’s works, I will be relying heavily on Charles Webster’s From Paracelsus to Newton: Magic and the Making of Modern Science and Richard Westfall’s Science and Religion in Seventeenth-Century England. I will also be looking at some scholarly articles such as William Austin’s “Newton on Religion and
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