The Incredible Work of Jane Goodall Essay

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Jane Goodall is a historical woman that has taught human beings not only about chimpanzees, but human nature as well. This primatologist held on to a dream from childhood that advanced into reality. Jane quietly and patiently observed chimps in Africa, and then recorded their every move. Many important discoveries came about because of this. Jane Goodall has remarkably changed the perception of chimpanzees and humans alike. Despite the fact that Jane Goodall’s family was always on the move, her childhood was exciting. She owned a few animals that she would frequently observe, and record what they did. According to an online source, Jane always seemed to have an interest in all kinds of animals (Early Days 1). When Jane was a child she…show more content…
First, Leakey had to get the funding for Jane. Goodall says in her book My Life with the Chimpanzees, “July 16, 1960, was a day I shall remember all my life. It was when I first set foot on the shingle and sand beach of Chimpanzee Land- that is Gombe National Park” (57). It was as if all of her dreams were finally coming true. It is said that Leakey picked Jane because she was patient and would be able to observe for long periods of time. It was not long into Jane’s research at Gombe that she discovered that chimpanzees are resourceful enough to design their own tools (Facklam 40). The chimps came up with clever and innovative ways to do this. They chewed leaves just enough to crush them, put the leaf sponge into the water and soak it up, and sucked on the green sponge (Facklam 40). Jane was very excited about this discovery that she instantly contacted Leakey to let him know. He then said, “we must redefine Man, redefine tool, or accept chimpanzees as humans” (Goodall 802 )
Not only did Jane discover their tool making abilities, but also they eat both plants and animals, such as bush pigs and termites (Goodall 1971). This fascinated many other primatologists because chimps were once thought of as herbivores. Jane also realized chimpanzees seem to express the same feelings humans do, though it is not certain (Goodall 598). Examples of such emotions are love, confusion, fear, and aggression. They often show love and care to

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