The Incubation Period Varies For The Different Malaria Parasite Species

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The incubation period varies for the different malaria parasite species. In most cases, the incubation period varies from 7-30 days.5 Shorter periods are seen in Plasmodium falciparum species and the longer ones are seen with Plasmodium malariae.5
Malaria, a mosquito-borne infectious disease of humans, is a global burden which is commonly seen in sub-Saharan Africa and South- East Asian regions. It affects people living in the malaria-prone areas and lower socio-economic statuses. However, children under 5 years old are particularly susceptible to malarial illness and its complications. In 2015, an estimated rate of 438,000 mortality rates was reported due to malaria.3 Thus, the recent rise in malarial disease is a global concern that needs to be addressed. More effective vector control methods and increase availability of anti-malarial drugs for malaria- prone regions must be implemented.
Morbidity rate of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa between 2000- 2015 is estimated to be 88%.1 Malaria incidence reduced by 42 % in Africa.2 Approximately 90% of all malaria deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa between 2000-2015 2
During this same period, malaria mortality rates have decreased by an estimated 60% worldwide and by 66% in Africa.2 Mortality rates has also declined by 65% globally, and by 71% in Africa for children under five years old.2 In 2015, while the malaria mortality rate in Africa was high, the WHO South-East Asia Region had mortality rate of only 7% deaths. This clearly
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