The Independence Of Hong Kong

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Recently, a Youtube video called “Hong Kong 2047 Independence Ceremony” has gained some popularity among the Hong Kong students. If takes a closer look, one can clearly identify this propaganda video as the reversed and modified version of the Hong Kong Handover Ceremony in 1997. In this video, the Chinese Five Star red flag was gradually lowered while the old colonial Hong Kong flag was subsequently raised, signifying an independence of Hong Kong nation in 2047 when Deng’s “one country two systems” contract expired (Tim Poon). This kind of localism or pro-independence sentiment could be traced far back to 1997, but it was only after the failed Umbrella movement in 2014 (a democratic protest movement aimed at creating free election) that…show more content…
They also believe that Hong Kong will achieve democracy only if it gains its independence from the People’s Republic of China, of which Big Brother politics constantly restrained Hong Kong from democratic progress. However, this new wave of localism-centered democratic movement will not sustain because it not only evokes disdain and hatred from the mainlanders, but also sets Hong Kong’s democratic movement apart from mainland democracy supporters. Hong Kong’s pro-independence movement emerged when Hong Kong University Student Union published a few articles on the subject of Hong Kong nation. These articles soon inspired a fierce debate both in Facebook and Weibo (a Chinese microblog). Despite some of the Hong Kong youth supporting Hong Kong as a nation and branding mainlanders as inferior citizens and garbage, some radical mainlanders used extremely derogative terms like rats and dogs to slander those independence supporters in response. In terms of the amount of reposts and comments, the independence supporters certainly lost the propaganda war to mainlanders on Facebook and Weibo, because the Facebook and Weibo page was covered by a tremendous amount of reposts, videos, comments and groups in support of the anti-independence force. There were also numerous trolling campaigns organized by Chinese netizens targeting the leading activists, such as Joshua Wong, even though Joshua had never publicly acknowledged himself as

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