The Independent Variables ( Iv ) Are The Students ' Gender And Grade Level

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The Independent variables (IV) are the students’ gender and grade level. The number of bullying incidence experienced by students, how often incidents occur based upon grade level and gender, and the frequency in which participants were the victim or aggressor when bullying behavior occurred were the dependent variables (DV).
Methodology and Research Design A quantitative design was utilized for this study. This design used descriptive and correlation statistics which compared and analyzed data within groups when describing the number of bullying incidents as it relates to gender, grade level, and age. Distribution tables were created showing the frequency of bullying incidents according to gender and grade levels. The results were categorized for girls, boys, and both combined. A Mann-Whitney U test was conducted to find out if statistical differences occurred in the number of bullying incidents based upon the gender of victims and bullies. This test works best when a survey instrument representing ordinal data is used. In this case, the OBQ instrument was used. Before the Mann-Whitney U test can be conducted, the OBQ data had to be entered into software called the Predictive analysis software (PASW). The chi-square statistical test was also used to compare data in categories that are within groups. The validity and reliability of OBQ was assess using the Rasch measurement model which sets the condition at which responses are structured and does not only…
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