The Indian Act

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Introduction: The Indian Act was first proposed in 1876. The Indian Act was mainly used as a way for the federal government to control aspects of Native American lives. During the 1880’s the federal government told Indian families that if they wanted their children to have an education, it was to be done under them. These institutions would be known as Residential Schools. Residential Schools were not good for the Native Americans due to the education being taught was there to “take away” the Indian within the children, in other words, to make them act like they are not Indian. These schools were exceptionally bad for girls as they were often sexually abused, and so I wondered how the psychosocial problems related with child sexual abuse would hinder the future relationships of women who attended Residential Schools. The Residential School System being a small part of the Indian Act, but very researched area makes me wonder why I have not come across any one paper relating to my idea, and so I wanted to first look at how the children’s lives were in the Residential School and how their psychosocial state of minds were. Following that question I would look into the typical sexual health questions of these women, to question if sexually transmitted infections were common within Residential Schools, and then lastly having the information from the above questions, I would look into the birth outcomes of women who have psychosocial problems as children and adolescents. I
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