The Indian Business Environment Before Completing The Business Plans And Strategies Essay

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India is a massive country known as a leader in cultural diversity, and also has the second largest population in the world. India has been opening its business environment to welcome foreign investors as well as foreign companies. The pharmaceutical industry in India has become one of the most attractive investment places in the world, which is estimated to be worth US$20 billion, and expected to grow over about 15 percent per annum (IBEF, 2016). Moreover, the country ranks very high in the third world, regarding technology, quality and range of medicines manufactured, as stated in the book written by NPCS Board (2013). Therefore, in order to start a pharmaceutical business and be successful in India, we will analyze the Indian business environment before completing the business plans and strategies.

The pharmaceutical company would be affected in so many ways by the political environment, which constitutes all the factors related to government aspects such as government’s policies, attitude of government towards different groups of societies, politicians interests, the ideologies of several political parties, and policy changes implemented by different governments etc. Hence, this lead to the result of the Indian business environment is impacted by multivariate political factors (Suman, 2010). The taxation system in India is well developed owing to the three-tier federal structure, including the Union Government, the State Governments, and the Urban & Rural Local Bodies.
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