The Indian Culture Essay examples

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A culture where guests are treated as gods, family members live under the same household until death, and have the belief that gods and spirits play the significant role in determining their life all refer to the same topic, the Indian culture; a rich and diverse culture which is very unique in many ways. This culture includes the qualities of various other cultures and it results into a modern and acceptable tradition. Respecting elders, honouring heroes, cherishing love, and following traditions make up the major components of the Indian culture and its followers. Many people believe that this particular culture has a great impact on their everyday lives and are proud to be included in the significant customs. In the novel, Clear Light …show more content…
When her parents died, they left her with a burden of responsibilities that involved raising the children and taking on the role of a mother. Bim is left to take care of her smallest and mentally challenged brother, Baba. When Baba was younger, the parents would constantly go to clubs and out for drinks, leaving the responsibility of raising the unfortunate child to Bim. The two siblings established a special bond with each other and trusted each other more and more each day. When the second oldest child, Raja fell ill because of tuberculosis, Bim was accountable of helping him regain back his normal health. Upon these responsibilities was a very important one, Bim had to earn money for the family and she knew that it involved educating herself to become a teacher, a job that was seemed appropriate for women.
“For all father cared, I could have grown up illiterate and cooked for my living, or swept. So I had to teach myself history, and teach myself to teach." (155)
Since men of the house are the providers to the family, their death can have a huge impact on the family. This terrible incident challenged Bim and the rest of the family members to live their life without coming to a point of bankruptcy. Bim’s responsibility increased when her sister, Tara married and moved out of the house, leaving Bim with the burden of taking care of her brothers’ needs, daily chores, and paying for the rents and groceries. Responsibility can affect us and our lives
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