The Indian Culture in Slum dog Millionaire

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Slum dog Millionaire: Indian Culture I chose to learn a little bit more about Indian culture, and I thought Slum Dog Millionaire was a great resource to do so. This movie depicts the story of 2 young Indian boys and their journey in life through love, hardship, and culture. The story starts out with the two boy living a happy life with their mother, but when their mother dies from the religious wars they are forced to learn to fend for themselves. On their journey they let a little girl tag along on their journey. The movie depicts what starts out to be a struggle to survive then they against all odds makes it out and make a name for themselves by winning India’s version of “Who wants to be a millionaire”. Starting to scavenge in the slums of India the movie shows us how different the culture of India is. There are not many scenes in the movie where I am envious of people living in India. The culture of India is very different then the culture that I am used to. If kids loose their parents in the war the movie that would be made after their lives would not be near as exciting as this one. If this were to happen in the United States we would more than likely put the kids in foster care and more than likely end up in a nice home and that would be the end of the story. This really shows what kind of infrastructure that India has. The Indian culture is built on upon religion. Though the movie that I chose to watch was not directly about religion it seemed that the camera could
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