The Indian Experience Of India

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Indian Experience

India is the second largest populous country in the world with a diverse population and culture. It is one of the oldest civilizations dating back 4,500 years. The population is made up of numerous different ethnicities and religions. The culture was heavily influenced by different civilizations that once occupied India; food is no exception. Indian cuisine is known for its diverse and wide ranging assortment of dishes as well as its extensive variety of herbs and especially spices (Live Science, 2015). The knowledge of this is what inspired my Cultural Experience choice. As an experience in cultural diversity, I chose to go to an Indian Restaurant and then shop at an Indian grocery store. I spent two hours at
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We arrived shortly after 1pm, so the restaurant did not have many patrons. There were only two other tables occupied at the time. One was a large Indian family seated at a long row of tables down the center of the restaurant and the other was a table of Caucasian women in the booth behind ours. Our server, the same man who seated us, brought us water and directed us toward the buffet. The first thing I noticed when approaching the buffet was the smell. There were so many different spices and food smells lingering in the air it was unbelievably appetizing. The buffet was rather extensive, with about 20 different dish options to choose from including naan and dessert. I did not hesitate. I took a little bit of everything until my plate was full. I then proceeded to cover the plate with several pieces of garlic naan. The food was simply delicious. It ranged from every level of spiciness without being so spicy that it killed the taste. My favorite dishes were a spiced zucchini dish and the Aloo Mater which is a potato and green pea dish with a perfect blend of Indian spices. Also, the naan was extraordinary; soft and crispy with slivered green onion and pureed garlic spread on top. We also ordered chai which was delicious and had the right amount of warmth and caffeine for the afternoon. It complimented the Kheer (an Indian style rice pudding) perfectly. The food was an overall amazing experience. Some of the best food I have ever

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