The Indian History And The Status Of Women

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The Indian History and the Status of Women :

Women’s security is closely connected to global security still they suffer simply because they differ in gender. According to the UN Commission on Human Security, ‘the security of one person, one community, one nation rests on the decisions of many others, sometimes fortuitously, sometimes precariously’’. However, in the interrelated world everyone is influenced either positively or negatively by the decisions of individuals or states (UNIFEM
2003). To understand the status of the Indian women it is important to understand the history gender discrimination in the country.
In 1947, the Indian history of violence against women was perceivable in the violent nature of the nation’s partition. The women were raped, abducted and their bodies were used as a medium of men’s evil expression as Indian Hindus and the Pakistani Muslims battled for power to defend their countries. This tactic of humiliating the opponent by using women’s bodies as a tool of power dominance is still being practiced in the Indian society and is visible in the cases of Devi and Sori (Dobhal 2011: 598).
Mother India, commonly termed as Bharat Mata in Sanskrit is the national personification of
India as a mother goddess which is widely depicted as a woman clad in a saffron sari holding the national flag. The position of women was high in India and some might argue that degrading positioning of women in the society is influenced by the impact of colonialism.
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