The, Indian Man And Woman Eating By Theodore De Bry

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When the first time John White sailed to the North America in 1585, native americans would never be strange to Europeans. As an artist, during his time at Roanoke Island, White drew a number of vivid watercolors of the scenery, culture and the native people, which were published as A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia. To Europeans, these works were the most informative illustrations of North America. After these works published, an engraver, named by Theodore De Bry, made a series of engravings directly from John White’s paintings. However, the engravings were unable to be an accurate depiction of North America. If viewers watch them roughly, they are very similar, but there are some slight but crucial differences in detailed. The image “Indian Man and Woman Eating” by John White depicts a man and a woman are seated facing each other on a stipe of matting. There is a container with a bunch of circular fruits between their feet. It seems that each of them is covered by a clothing made by turkey feather in a certain style at that time. Their faces are flat with peace, but also there are some tattoos on their faces. The man’s ears are pierced by a shell ornament and the woman tied with a bead knot. Behind them, there are standing a few plants. In the engraving “Their sitting at meate” created by De Bry, there are some changes appear: their facial structure alters, which looks more like Europeans; the muscle and right curve on their bodies are

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