The Indian Of Indian Bengal

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The famous scholar M.A. Rahim has said in his “The History of Bengal Muslims” that, “ It is a matter of great wonder that the Hindu politicians who have raised movements to protect the division of Bengal in 1905 , have claimed for the division of Bengal in 1947.On the other hand, the Muslims who have supported the decision of dividing Bengal in 1905 have protested against the division of Bengal in 1947.” Actually lack of solution of community disputes, lack of cordial approach of British Government, selfishness of the politicians of two most political parties ‘Muslim League’ and ‘Congress’ etc. were the actors led the way of division of Bengal. The Bengal was divided into two parts. The Hindu West Bengal became the part of India and the predominately Muslim East Bengal (present Bangladesh) became the part of Pakistan. The partition was done on 14-15 August, 1947 in the reign of Lord Mountbatten. This partition of Bengal also divided the people spoke Bangla in different ascend in different areas. Political Economical Reasons behind the Division of Bengal There are numerous political economic reason working behind the division of Bengal. But political reasons were mostly related to this division. They are:- The Eagerness of British Government: Bengal is a prosperous province. With the establishment of British rule and the establishment of Kolkata as capital the importance of Bengal increased more and more. The West Bengal became an industrially impoverished area. The target
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