The Indian Of Indian Literature

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Language is a social artifact which gives symbolic representation to diverse experiences and works within a cultural boundary. Within linguistic-cultural landscape, literature takes place as a cultural phenomenon. English language has been internalized in the non-English speaking world in lieu of a 'universal linguistic heritage '. But how far this adapted language has been able to express Indian experience or to what extent native Indian writers have been able to cope with this is a matter of discussion. Indian literature is still in process to cope with the traditions of native English and to express Indian consciousness through native colouring of an alien language. It is like the growth of self-consciousness. To understand the present position of Indian English literature in relation with linguistic adaptations and appropriations, one has to make a comparative statement of the initial stages of our literature and the contemporary one. Indian English literature that is true, original, natural and conveys the present-time spirit is bound to be popular among the masses along with getting academicians’ response. Key Words: Native, Colonial, Self, Adaptation, Linguistic, Language, Canon Language can be interpreted as a cultural construct which remains vitally connected to the very basis of a 'native ' culture. For literary creation language works as the raw material which later gets crystallized within a particular language boundary. Literature is a cultural phenomenon
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