The Indian Resturant near Syracuse

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Restaurants were first established in France (Davis, 2004). In Syracuse, there are a variety of restaurants that represents different cultures .The idea of restaurants is to help the people and especially the travelers to discover more about a culture. Restaurants are one of the crucial elements to take in account when talking about cultures. They are one of the strong representatives of a culture. Therefore, for a restaurant to be a good representative of a culture, it should have at least several strong categories that can make it a good representative of a certain culture. The Indian Restaurant that will be evaluated has many strong categories and some that are weaker.

The Indian Restaurant has many strong categories that represent the good side, such as, the location, the food, and the price. It is conveniently located next to the Marshal Street, which is the restaurants road in the main campus of Syracuse University. Thus, Students and teachers who want to eat, it would be more reasonable to eat at one of the restaurants located there rather than driving to somewhere to eat especially if they have a following class. Furthermore, there is many ways of transportation to go to the main campus, such as, buses, cars, and bikes which make it easier for everyone to go there. The food is also one of the strongest categories as well. The Indian Restaurant provides many famous kinds of spices and it is known for its hot spices. The quality of the food is very good compared

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