The Indian Schools

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Natives who have lived on this land for so long are now trying to be ¨Americanized¨ by the Americans who came and took this land from them. The places that they used to ¨civilize¨ them was a school, within these schools they did whatever they could to the Native American children to try and change they lived and how they acted. These schools began in 1887 and by 1900, thousands of Natives were studying at almost 150 schools around the U.S. Stories have been told that horrific things were done to the students at these schools. Within this paper, it will describe most of what these schools were and things you should know about them from the sources from which these details came. The main purpose of the Indian Schools is to keep the Indians intact as Indians and nothing else. What many Indian schools say to them is “You are Indians, and must remain Indians. You are not of the nation, and cannot become of the nation. We do not want you to become of the nation.” (Source 1). With this the government still attempted to “Americanize” Native Americans. This began in 1887, by 1900 thousands were in boarding schools that were attempting to strip away tribal culture. “ They insisted that students drop their Indian names, forbade the native language and cut off their long hair.” (Source 1). For instance the Carlisle school’s goal is to get rid of the native way and convert them to the way of the white and negro people of the U.S. “The school has always planted treason to the tribe…
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