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The Native American’s land was walked upon without respect or remorse, taken, and they were forced onto reservations that were in terrible conditions against their will. The settlers moving west caused the Native Americans and settlers to compete against each other and cause major conflicts between them. I think the Indian Wars could and couldn’t have been avoided because settlers had to move since the illnesses were so bad in the east, and they thought the diseases wouldn’t be in the west, and because they needed the extra land. I also think these wars could have been avoided because the settlers didn’t have to take the Native American’s land and the settlers and Indians could have respected each other much more than they did. The …show more content…
The settlers thought it was their fault or they just wanted to take their aggravation out on the Indians. (Rachlis p.14)
Prospectors would come onto the Indians sacred land looking for any kinds of minerals they thought were there, which was really disrespectful, so it made the Indians livid and attack. (Merrin p. 147)
Pioneers would disrupt some Indian tribes, even if they went as far as the Rocky Mountains, just because they didn’t like the Indians. (Capps p. 153)
Emigrants would cross over on the Indian’s lands and kill off thousands of buffalo and a few of them they didn’t even eat, they just let the buffalo sit on the side of the road and rot. The Indians would starve because the settlers did this. (Capps p.163)
Prospectors and settlers weren’t the only ones trespassing on the Indians land. When the whites decided to build the railroads for the settlers to have an easier way of traveling to Oregon, the railroads scared off all the animals the Indians hunted for food. This caused a lot of deaths, for Indians and whites both. (The Cayuse War) Sioux Indians got so outraged by settlers coming on their land they killed a total of 450 settlers before someone was able to stop them. (Capps p. 170)

Trespassing wasn’t enough for the whites though; they had to have the Indian’s land for themselves. They wanted land for all the

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