The Indian Wind Wolf

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In the United States today there is a great amount of cultural diversity, but unfortunately the predominant American culture causes other cultures to be overlooked causing difficulties for students of other cultures to succeed in the American school system. This is what happens in the story of the Indian Wind-Wolf as he begins going to kindergarten. For Wind-Wolf, this is his first time outside of the Indian culture and it is very difficult for him to be the only Indian boy in his classroom. It causes him to feel like an outcast. As educators, teachers have the responsibility to create an environment in the classroom that makes each student feel that they belong there. For Wind-Wolf, and any other students in a cultural minority, the typical classroom does not have these necessary qualities. There are a few ways Wind-Wolf 's teacher can create the classroom environment necessary for his success: working with his father to see what will be helpful for his learning experience, being culturally responsive, and incorporating his culture into the classroom. Although Wind-Wolf is different than most of the students in his class, his differences aren 't deficits. His father 's sent a letter to the teacher to enlighten her on the issues that Wind-Wolf was currently dealing with and express his concern for the pattern of education being used for Wind-Wolf. The teacher did not intend for Wind-Wolf to feel his differences were a flaw, but the lack of relatable methods of
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