The Indigenous Religions Of The World

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The Indigenous Religions of the World Throughout the world there are many various religions, some very common to you and I. However, there are many religions that are common in several isolated places all around the world in Japan, Australia, and the Americas. Many of these religions, called Indigenous Religions are based on nature, and the earth. The practice of these religions is considered sacred to the people that follow them. Many of these indigenous people are fully sacrificed to their religion. They live their lives according to these religions and are fully indebted to them. The four major Indigenous Religions are Shinto, found in Japan, the Australian Aboriginal, African, and Native American. The Native American Religion is based off of nature. Many Native Americans believe in a Great Spirit who powers all aspects of life. This spirit, they believe, makes its presence known through nature; plants and animals. Performing various rituals, ceremonies, and prayers, the Native American people focus most of their worship on important points of the agricultural and hunting seasons. Many of their prayers are offered in song and dance form (Spielvogel) . One very well-known ceremony of the Native American people is the Sun Dance. The Sun Dance is practiced by many tribes, even today, as a prayer for life. It is much like the Native American’s Thanksgiving. Many people may dance to pray for a relative or friend, or to determine their place in the world, but it is their
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