The Individual Agendas Of Louis Riel

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ever, helped him to mould his future. Allowing the acted upon, to become the actor. His agendas also helped to pave the way for discussions and actions that benefited the minorities of Canada. The individual agendas of Louis Riel where ones that ranged greatly in ambition. Stretching from seemingly minor or common goals such as self improvement to the grandiose and peculiar goals of becoming a new world prophet and setting up a new world Vatican in western Canada to foster Métis peoples and minorities (Riel 93) . Some of the most prominent and acted upon goals by Louis Riel however where the ones he envisioned of equal, fair, and respectful treatment of Métis and First Nations people across the nation of Canada by the federal government itself. From the time Louis Riel emerged as a leader during the Red River Rebellion, Louis had many particular goals in mind, all supporting the agenda of fair treatment for the Métis by the government. As the Rebellion was being resolved by the Treaty of Manitoba, Louis Riel had many demands of the Angelo Canadian government (Francis 40). Louis first and foremost demanded that Manitoba be confederated as a province, allowing the Métis to have more say in the election of their own delegates and to be able to govern themselves, preserving their way of life and there tight cultural ties. Louis Riel also demanded that the government and schools in Manitoba would be Bi-Lingual, Preserving the Franco Canadian influence against the majority

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