The Individual, Interactional, And Intergroup Levels

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Power is something that everyone will experience in his or her lifetime. The individual, interactional, and intergroup levels are three ways in which power can be experienced. On an individual level, I have experienced lacking power during my childhood and having to move around all the time. I never had a say in the matter, I just had to do what I was told. In terms of the interactional level, I have experienced power in my internship. As the social work intern I hold some power over the students with whom I interact. The power can be understood in the fact that I am seen as an authority figure to them and I am able to help them in ways they might not be able to help themselves. Lastly, on the intergroup level as a person of the Caucasian…show more content…
Another difference is that those heterosexuals have been allowed to marry for years and the LGBTQ community just recently had that right given to them. Clients might feel that I will not understand their struggles or hardships faced by the community because I have not had to face those same problems. Also, many LGBTQ clients have experienced violence because of their status group assignment. Our status groups are similar in the fact that we are all human beings who want acceptance, no matter what our sexual orientation is. Similarities between status groups will come from each individual client. Just because someone is from a different status group does not mean the practitioner and client will not have any similarities. There have been times when I was growing up that I have felt power relations in regards to family and identity struggles based especially on gender and class. Looking back at my childhood there were definite power relations in between my mother and father based on gender. I do not think this was done purposely, but my father held a lot of the power in the house because he was the man. He was the sole financial provider and the head of the household. Family matters were always delegated to him and in most important matters he had the last word. My mother was held in high regard by my father, but was not seen as powerful because of
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