The Individual Observed For This Competency Is A One Year Old Boy

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Observation Competency The individual observed for this competency is a one-year-old boy. He was born in the United States. However, his family is from Cuba. His mother is twenty-two and his father is twenty-six. The boy lives with his mother, aunt, and grandparents. The father is not living with the child. He lives is another state and has poor contact with his son. The language that is used most of the time in the house is Spanish.The maternal family of the boy is Christian. They are Seventh Day Adventists. As part of their religion, they rest on Saturday and go to church. In addition, they do not eat certain types of food as pork and crab.
The mother of the child has not enough time to share with her son because she has to work to
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This train had many colors as green, red, yellow, orange, and blue. It also had numbers going from one to nine in every wagon. He was very entertained with his toy moving the wagons, and looking at the brightness of the wagon’s color. Afterwards, he saw a green dog that is one of his favorite toys. The dog was placed on an orange sofa next to him. At that time, he rised holded from the sofa, and took the dog. When he had the dog in his arms, he started to touch the dog’s hands an legs to listen to different sound sthat the dog made. This standing position fits under the biological status described by Arnold Gesell. This theorist created the laws of developmental directions. The one applying to this case is that development proceeds up against gravity. This law implies that “Infants progress from completely prone to prone on elbows, then supported by hands, then supported by all four limbs, and finally standing and walking” (Mandich 2016, p.50).
At a given point of the observation, the baby started to cry aparently without any reason. He put away the dog and did not want any toy to play. The mother took him in her arms and checked him. She found out that the child was crying because he made poop. After knowing what happened wit the child, she took him to the bedroom to change his diaper. Once she changed it, the boy once again began to smile and play. This attitude also falls under the
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