The Individual or Society Essay

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“Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.” What is the concept of the individual? The common notation is one who separates from society in the pursuit of his or her own needs, goals, and desires; to define his or her own self and to gain independence and self-reliance. However, an individual must enter into society to further his or her own self interest. Due to that contradiction, individualism is often contrasted with society or anti-individualism. Does the interest of the individual produce society or does the interest of society produce the individual? To defend individualism will be Soren Kierkegaard and to defend society will be Bertolt Brecht. What is the price of individuality and is…show more content…
This grew into the demand for civil and political freedom. Individualism blossomed forth, an individualism in which everybody considered himself the center of the universe and his own existence and prosperity more important than anyone else's. People set themselves up in opposition to other people and to society as a whole. The bourgeois were fundamentally individualistic and propelled western society towards the industrial revolution and toward the series of scientific, technological, economical and social successes. There was no easy path; it took five hundred years, but in today’s society the human being is no more a number, but an individual.
An individual, although they seek separation, must enter society to further his or her own interests and demands the right to serve his or her own interest, without sacrifice of self interest for any higher social cause or the general will. Society can only function to the extent that the people have interests in common; the end goal of any society is the common good. The general will never coincide exactly with any individual will in any class, therefore the interest the group rather the individual is the fundamental unit of social, economic, and political concerns. The interest of the group will without end dominate the interest of the individual. Since interest of the individual will always be submissive to the interest of the group. The question that remains to be asked is for which is the price worth it, to be an

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