The Individuals With Disabilities Act

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The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) 2004 mandates that a child with educational disabilities be educated in the least restrictive environment appropriate to meet their specific educational needs. IDEA 2004 protects and decides the child‘s placement that will be determined by a professional Individual Educationla Plan (IEP) team. IEP’s provide a support system within the least restrictive environment to maximize success for exceptional learners. There are a plethora of techniquoes which support the child’s learning needs in a conducive environment. To achive these goals two seperate learning environemnts in autsim and intellectual disabiltiies (ID) were observed. The autism learning environemnt was focused on alternate testing…show more content…
This learningenvironment was brightly decorated with wa ll cverings and visual aids. This aided learners to matine focsu and process infrmation more easily. The use of technology was an essental tool in this envronment. iPads and Kindles are used to exercise basic math and reading skills. These students also attend general education classes with indivdual supprt from teacher assistants. These students worked on a wide variety of adaptive skills such as self-care, social skills, school, and jobs daily with multiple community based instruction activities throughout the week. An inteergra instruction strategy discussed between instructors was the importance of a daily routine and esuring expectations and instructions are precise and understood. Collaboration important between the administration, teachers, parents, guardians and different service providers such as speech, occupation therapist, psychologist and social worker. In both classes a Speech pathologist works with them in a group setting or independently. Almost all of the students in both classrooms have communication goals. The speech therapist addresses several skills incorporating social and interpersonal relationships, while almost always working on their communication skills. All these people act as stakeholders in the student’s life. They communicate regularly to monitor the students’ progress and development. Most of the instructing is based on the IEP and behavior intervention plan (BIP). These two
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