The Indo-China Border Dispute

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The India Chinese border dispute is a long-lasting disagreement that has had, and continues today, to possess much influence on the geopolitical framework of Asia. The border disputes are not over large land masses, only several thousand square kilometers is being contested. These two nations however have large and powerful armies making any dispute between these nations threatening to peace and stability in that region. The purpose of this essay is to examine this conflict and highlight important facts about this disagreement in an effort to understand and reach reasonable solutions to this tense situation. Goswami (2013) recently reported about the current situation. He claimed that " Sino-Indian relations are still affected by some thorny divergences over issues like the McMahon line and the presence of the "Tibetan government-in-exile." These contradictions are further complicated by border negotiations held in a climate of Indian apprehensions that the 1962 border war between China and India could be repeated." In other words, this appears to be two states holding a grudge over past tensions. The most important facet of this conflict deals with the large size and potential devastation of military conflict between these two nations. What differs from fifty years ago is the amount of military capabilities both India and China have accumulated over that time span. Through the China-India conflict, one envisages a scenario where a nuclear-armed China and India with more
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