The Industrial Distribution Program At Texas A And M University

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It is after a good deal of self-assessment that I have decided to pursue undergraduate studies in the Industrial Distribution program at Texas A and M University. As a statement of purpose for admission into the school, I describe here, my areas of interest, why I chose Texas A and M, and my objectives and career goals.

Ever since elementary school, I have been a big fan of engineering. My inspiration came from the likes of Graham Bell and Albert Einstein with the invention of the telephone and the mass-energy equivalence equation, respectively. With the aim to join them in the wall of fame, I participated actively in my science and math classes, and clubs related to the field. As I grew older and had the fortunate chance of working at various retail stores, I began to develop an interest in business and how it worked. It was only a matter of time before this interest was strengthened and I began contemplating whether to major in engineering or business. This unfortunately left me indecisive in my choice of major for a while in college. But after a visit to a Texas A and M prospective student center, I was informed about the Industrial Distribution program and at that moment, I was certain of what I wanted to study.

My exposure in the field of engineering can be traced back to my high school days. Not only did I take science classes such as physics, but I was also a member of two engineering clubs which taught numerous material outside the school’s curriculum. With that…
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