The Industrial Food System

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The industrial food system began with the McDonald brothers and fast food. The food Inc. video talks about the issues with food in supermarkets, and the main one is how it factory modified. The video also talks about how many big businesses there really are in our country that produce food, and how the small amount is it problem. The video states that the average supermarket has 47,000 food products in it. Another thing the video talks about is the condition of the animals that are being slaughtered and made into store product foods and the condition of the workplace in the factories. Most importantly the video talks about how farms are enslaved to these major industries, and have no choice but to stay and work for them because of various reasons.…show more content…
In the text the term power means, “The ability to carry out your will, even over the resistance of others” (Henslin 262). I chose this term because the big food businesses like Tyson control the farmer’s way of living and spending money. This is because they have to pay to work for and produce for the company. This issue leads me to also mention the term ‘Income’. In the text this term means, “Money received, usually from a job, business, or asset” (Henslin 258). I chose this term because the regular famer makes only 18,000 dollars annually. The typical farmer working for Tyson have 2 chicken houses which they paid but most of the time borrowed over 500,000 dollars. Food for the chickens and other resources that need paid for are not accounted for in the 500,000+ dollar loan. By this time, the farmer is in debt and its only way of income becomes the company. Now the farmers become ‘slaves’ to the company. In the text this means, “A form of social stratification in which some people own other people” (Henslin…show more content…
The cows also face the same problem with being coated in munore constantly and still being sent to slaughter. The next term I want to discuss is the term ‘institutional discrimination’. In the text this means, “The negative treatment of a minority group that is built into a society’s institutions; also called systematic discrimination” (Henslin 331). I chose this term because the mostly immigrants work in the producing factories and the dirty animals leads to unsanitary conditions which leads to pollution in the air of the workplace and disease. The last term I want to mention in this paragraph is ‘gender’. In the text this term means, “The behaviors and attitudes that a society considers proper for its male and females; masculinity and femininity” (Henslin 289). I chose this term because I infer all of workers that work in these factories and slaughter houses are
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