The Industrial Pioneer And Motor Industry Icon

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Fordism is a concept that is named after Henry Ford, a well-known industrial pioneer and motor industry icon. Fordism is based around the idea of industrialized and standardised form of mass production. It is related to the idea of mass consumption and is based on the idea that if it is made in a larger quantity then the price to produce these products can be reduced. This could then possibly provide an opportunity to gain a larger market. Understanding Fordism and the scientific management concept will contribute to the understanding of major social changes of the twentieth century. Henry Ford was an industrial pioneer and a renowned car manufacturer in the United States. Fordism is a concept that is primarily based on the mass production of products which would become known as a production line. During the 1940’s through to the 1960’s there was an increase in consumption; this was because the sale prices were low and the products were available to consumers. Fordism was based around strong hierarchical control over workers; restricting them to one single task on the production lines. This theory believed that the “best way to improve output was to improve the techniques or methods used by the workers” (Robbins p.38). Ford decided to merge and emphasise scientific methods in order to improve the way tasks were completed. This was because of the mass-production processes. Fordism and scientific management share common themes. The theory, scientific management originated in
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