The Industrial Revolution : An Dominant Mode For The Family Essay

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The Industrial Revolution was one of the most profound influences of the family and the workplace. “The changes occurred when machines and factories, rather than human labor, became the dominant mode for the production of goods .” At one time the family unit worked together in or around the home to provide for the family, but after the Revolution there was a need for both the men and women to leave the home in order to provide for the family. The Industrial Revolution influenced the roles of the family dynamics and consequently forced a multitude of changes to it. At one time the parents and children worked together, they relied on each other to meet the needs of the family. Families were self-sufficient pre-industrialized. Children contributed to the economics of the family by working on the farm and were an asset to the family. The Industrial Revolution changed the needs and the roles of each individual in the family. Families went from being dependent on each other to being self-fulfilling. “It is believed that personal fulfillment contributes to high divorce rates, absent fathers and parents spending less time with their children .” Families moved closer to the factories and places of work. With the parents working outside of the home children were often left without supervision, moral guidance and a constant nurturer. This is an issue still today. Children are left home alone to raise themselves or perhaps even care for younger siblings. There is a need for
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