The Industrial Revolution And Agricultural Revolution

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hroughout history, sociological developments such as the Industrial Revolution and Agricultural Revolution have paved the way for the creation of new and innovative advancements in the expansion of society. Today, society is subject to an all-encompassing Communication Revolution. Thanks to the plethora of technological improvements and communication technology released almost routinely, it is easier than ever before to stay in touch with people from all over the world through multiple means of communication. Perhaps one of the most prevalent sources of correspondence today is social media, particularly Facebook. In developing and maintaining friendships with others online, relationships are both strengthened and weakened by the barriers and networks formed through social media. As a result, sites like Facebook create a communication gap between those whose friendships are dependent upon social media, leaving numerous traits of the individual and the group up for debate. Most importantly, the influence of social media sites is slowly working to redefine the meaning of terms such as “community” and “friendship,” which have an overwhelming affect on an individual’s development and presentation of the Self, both online and offline. Together, these aspects of social interaction have a meaningful effect on the development of the individual and their social relationships. While interacting with a group of friends in person and speaking face-to-face is still preferable, “likes,”
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