The Industrial Revolution And Latin America

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The Industrial Revolution & Latin America in The Nineteenth Century
● Only Japan underwent a major industrial transformation during the Nineteenth Century.
● India, Egypt, Ottoman Empire, China and Latin America experimented in modern industry.
● They were nowhere near the kind of major social transformation that had taken place in Britain, Europe, North America and Japan.
● The profound impact of European and North American industrialization was hard to avoid.

After Independence in Latin America
● The struggle for independence in Latin America had lasted far longer and proved far more destructive than in North America.
● Decimated populations, diminished herds of livestock, flooded or closed silver mines, shrinking international trade, investment capital and empty national treasuries were among the conditions under which Latin American faced.
● Furthermore, the four major administrative units (vice-royalties) of Spanish America ultimately dissolved into eighteen separate countries.
● Peru and Bolivia briefly united and then broke apart in a bitter conflict (1836-1839).
● Mexico lost huge territories to the United States (1846-1848).
● Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay went to war with Paraguay (1864-1870) in a conflict that devastated Paraguay 's small population.
● Conservatives favored centralized authority and sought to maintain the social status quo of the colonial era in alliance with the Catholic Church.
● In many countries, conflicts between these factions, often
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