The Industrial Revolution And The Effects On Women 's Rights

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The Industrial Revolution and the Effects on Women 's Rights The Industrial Revolution was one of the most important and productive periods of history. The Industrial Revolution has to do with the time between the late 18th century and mid-19th century where there were profound advances in production, manufacturing, and other fields of engineering. It began in Great Britain in the late 1700s which then spread to the United States and then to many other parts of the world. Societies were very rural but they changed into cities because of the Industrial Revolution. Before the Industrial Revolution, people relied on hand tools and basic machines for manufacturing which occurred in people 's homes. The Industrial Revolution was then caused by…show more content…
Also there was a greater role for women in the labor force which effected them in many ways. The Industrial Revolution had the greatest effect on women 's rights in the early 20th century because it gave women new opportunities, exposed women to new dangers, and helped women gain rights in society. Women were starting to get more chances in society because of the Industrial Revolution. It is true that women were given more opportunities by the Industrial Revolution because, "Some women found jobs in domestic service such as being a maid or cook, many women worked in factories, mines, and other arms of industry, " (Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Women & Children). It is clear that working was a way for women to survive. Before the Industrial Revolution women were expected to take care of the children and the house which didn 't allow them to work for money outside of their house. Though when the Industrial Revolution started women were given a sense of independence. Women were allowed to work outside of their house and be paid by wages. Women go the chance to earn their own support without depending on their families. The wages allowed women to save something for their future marriages. Some women also used their wages to help assist their families. Women sometimes left their home and moved somewhere else so that they can gain social independence which they believed they couldn 't get at their own home. Women were then starting to leave their families
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