The Industrial Revolution And The French Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution are both integral parts of European history. Taking place during the late eighteenth century, each molded different parts of Europe and had different social ramifications. The Industrial Revolution began in the late 1700’s and was the beginning of new innovations along with manufacturing processes. The French Revolution began during the year 1789, with two sides of the population fighting either for or against the monarchy. The French Revolution ended ten years later during the year 1799 with the French overthrowing the monarchy and starting their own form of government. While both revolutions have had a huge impact on modern day Europe, the innovations along with the social changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution make it more significant than the French Revolution. Before the Industrial Revolution, Britain was comprised of rural areas where most of the population resided. A lot of their time revolved around agriculture as a means of survival and as a way to make an income. They also built and produced most of their clothing, furniture and homes with machines that were simple and small tools. As time went by, people came up with different ideas and changed the methods in which they were able to produce agriculture. This led to an increase in food production which was steadily available to the population that was rising and working factories. These events would become apart of what would start the Industrial
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