The Industrial Revolution By Charles Dickens

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Introduction Attempt: The time period known as the ‘Industrial Revolution’ ranged from c.1750-c.1850. It was an extremely important time period as it changed the type of jobs that children had to do. Children went from doing jobs around the house and helping their parents to make their lives easier to being sent off to a factory to do dangerous work for minimal wage or to a wealthy person’s home to be their servant. Children labour changed the industry then and it has changed how we work today with the laws being much stricter on the jobs, hours, conditions and age that children are allowed to work. Body 1: Conditions The factory system during the Industrial Revolution had strict discipline, harsh punishment, unhealthy working conditions, low wages and inflexible working hours. Textile mills weren’t much better with child apprentices being hired as the main workers. Charles Dickens described these places of work as the “dark, satanic mills” and E.P Thompson described them as “places of sexual license, foul language, cruelty, violence and alien manners”. The factories were extremely dangerous and children were injured by the machines because they were not fenced off. Children were always exposed to the moving parts. Children could have their hands crushed by moving machines. If a poor child’s hair became caught in the machine, the child’s scalp could be ripped off. Some children were killed instantly when they went to sleep and fell into the machines. If that wasn’t enough,
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