The Industrial Revolution Caused A Major Development During Social History

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The Industrial Revolution caused a major development in social history with major changes in manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture that had an intense effect on socioeconomic and cultural conditions in Europe that then spread to North America and eventually around the world, influencing almost every aspect of everyday life and society. Looking through sources from the time period, it is easy to see how lives were changed due to the advancements in technology that improved manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation. After intently studying these phenomena, many Historians agree that all of these major changes were the main effect of the Industrial Revolution, but they may disagree on the causes of this event. Most historians, such as T.S. Asthon and David S. Landees, can agree that the Industrial Revolution brought on a huge change in society. It changed the way in which people thought, worked, and performed their everyday activities. However, a number of historians debate over what the actual cause of the Industrial Revolution was, what it actually impacted and how it did. They also debate over the actual starting date. Many historians argue that the thing that started off the revolution occurred when England began to trade with foreign countries. The first time this kind of trade was seen at a large, impacting scale, was the Triangular Trade. This new trade set up with England, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the West Indies caused a boom in the economy for
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