The Industrial Revolution During Great Britain

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The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain. The Industrial Revolution was when this country took the right to mix people, laborers, and raw materials. This task was completed by making goods by machine compared to making goods by hand. The Industrial Revolution completely changed people’s lives and still experience its affects today. The Industrial Revolution made the lives of workers harder than it had before industrialization because of child labor, dangerous working conditions, and injuries in factories.
Child labor is the utilization of kids in an industry or business, regularly wrongfully or considered insensitive. Child labor made the lives of poor children harder in light of the fact that they needed to work extended periods of time in unsafe occupations for low pay. A photograph of this would be a photo taken of youthful disabled young men remaining outside of an orphanage with missing limbs support the fact that child labor existed amid the Industrial Revolution and made life harder for workers (Doc. A). These children were harmed in factories therefore the parents left them in orphanages as a result of their undesirable qualities. Child labor likewise influenced individuals who worked in the coal mines, relating a photo taken amid the Industrial Revolution titled Pennsylvania Breaker Boys, kids around eight to twelve years old remaining outside a coal mine and wearing grimy clothes (Doc. B). These children’s employments can make them be injured when they
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