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The Industrial Revolution was a time of drastic change. Some good changes and some terrible. It changed from small rural villages into large urbane cities, domestic industries into big factories, and a change of transportation.These changes, then lead to a series of impacts which affected Britain. The Industrial Revolution affected Britain in a negative way. The biggest impact was the working class citizens. It affected the workers because of the crowded spaces in the workplace, intense women and child labor, and the workplace had dangerous conditions. All of these cause many severe problems, leading up to death. One of the impacts of the Industrial Revolution is the crowded spaces in the workplace. It was crowded because of the newly…show more content…
They worked long hours because they have so much energy. From time to time, they were beaten by their employers. Children were also allowed to work in coal mines which were highly dangerous, one wrong step could end their life. In document 1b, it shows a bunch of young children working in the factories on machines and shows a child under one of the machines, climbing out. It also shows they have dirty clothes, which can conclude that they work long and hard. This impact affected all the British workers, people who struggled to try and provide for their family.
The last impact of the Industrial Revolution is the very dangerous conditions in the workplace. Factories had a lot of working dangers, including no safety devices, breathing in coal dust, and no protection against the machines. The factories had no fire escapes for its workers if something bad would have happened and they needed to exit the building immediately. The people who work in coal mines have no masks or protection against the dust that comes up. Breathing in coal dust can cause lung disease and cancer. Because of this the life expectancy goes down because people are dying at a much younger age because they have no protection for themselves. The machines have no barrier between the person working it and the actual parts of the machine. Women who used the machines had their hair caught in the machine and bringing them inward. Because of those incidents, women started to use

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