The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution

Going to work for a full day isn’t much fun after working fifteen hours the day before! 60-70 hour work days are never pleasant in anybody’s mind. How is it that so many people did this during the Industrial Revolution? Was it because they wanted the extra money? Or was it because they wanted the high political or economic status? For some people these were the reasons, but for most it was because of one concern. Survival! The Industrial Revolution greatly changed the workplace and the proletarians.

The Factory system was changed forever by the name of one man, Richard Arkwright. Even though Arkwright was not a great inventor, he used other peoples ideas to advocate his own ambitions to the next level. “He
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Mathew Boulton would use the invention as a pumping device for water. This would greatly change factory development and the people who worked their. The Steam Engine could be the most significant invention of the Industrial Revolution (Mantoux 230-250). The Spinning Jenny and the Steam Engine were the key inventions that created the Industrial Revolution.

In the beginning of the nineteenth century factory working conditions were bad. Diseases that occurred in the occupation were at a high risk also with, accidents and harsh discipline. These were the physical affects of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, but with them were issues with social class consisting of moral degradation, and female competition for male jobs. Also from the factory style of life abortion was quite high and infant and child deaths were at the highest rate ever recorded. (King & Timmins 55)

Most 19th century factories were grim brutal places, and working conditions were harsh. The normal factory worker contained a shift of 14 to15 hours. This is not to add that it might take the workers two hours to walk there and back. Working conditions were so bad that it caused diseases. For
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