The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was one of the largest social and cultural movements that changed the methods of manufacturing of metal and textiles, the transportation system, economic policies and social structure as well. Before the Industrial Revolution, people used to live by season due to agriculture. They thrived on whatever food was in season. Now, as a result of the Industrial Revolution, we live regimented and almost everything that is made, is mass produced. I will discuss three major topics of the Industrial Revolution including the three reasons why Britain was the originator of the revolution which are the population boom, canal boom, and the policies of British Parliament. I will also discuss the cottage industry which led to the energy crisis and the third topic, the invention of steam engine which ultimately solved the energy crisis and led to the iron industry, the impacts it had on business, society, and living, and finally, the downside to the whole revolution.
The Industrial Revolution originated in Britain. There were three main factors that laid the groundwork for the revolution; the population boom, the canal boom and the policies of British Parliament. During the 1500s, potatoes started showing up. After years of skepticism, people decided to try this new product. In the 1600s, people realized that the potatoes were good to eat and could be used for many purposes, so farmers decided to grow potatoes on larger pieces of land which created more food so…
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