The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution became a defining transitional period in United States history. The Industrial Revolution created opportunities for society through, employment, higher pay and allowed for the meeting of many cultures. As a result of high employment opportunities, people flocked to the North and populated areas of the nation creating urban cities. Urban cities of the nation have not changed much since the Industrial Revolution; people are still drawn to the urban culture because of the variety in social and economic opportunities. The urban culture has allowed us to observe the interaction among various cultures and the development of the social class through time.
We are currently living in an urban culture where the division that separates social classes has faded away because of human dignity. Human dignity, the need to find self-worth and self-respect for us and others has increased dramatically within society, but this new found self-worth and respect is being developed through capitalism and materialism. Human dignity has evolved into the need to present ourselves to society through the acquisition of materialistic luxuries. In urban cities more value is being placed on extrinsic dignity in the form of materialism. Materialism has taken over the essence of human dignity and has limited our dignity. We must evaluate ourselves carefully and observe the reasons that help develop our own sense of human dignity. People who live in urban cities must be extra
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