The Industrial Revolution Of Europe

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When taking a look at workplace ethics in the modern world, one tends to its set up for granted. In a society which grants employees workmen’s compensation, unemployment pay, and child labor regulations, it is hard to imagine a world in which these things did not exist. A society in which the rights of workers were ignored and brushed off as unimportant is hard to grasp, but this type of society was in fact a reality during the first Industrial Revolution of Europe. Through development of new perspectives on politics and businesses, the importance of applications of ethics in both of these things became the topic of conversations on reform all across Europe. The exacting treatment and exploitation of workers throughout the Industrial …show more content…

The past ideals of who would be the breadwinner of the family was tossed away; everyone- men, women, and children had to pitch in.
Although exploitation occurred across all genders and age groups during the Industrial Revolution, women and children were most commonly taken advantage of by their employers. They would work twelve to sixteen hours every day, which cut into the time children would have been using for schooling, socializing, and living a healthy life style. Children who worked in factories had no chance of getting any type of education, which wiped away any potential for bettering society in the future. A perfect example of this is Elizabeth Bentley, a twenty-three year old woman interviewed by the Parliamentary Commission. She had been working in a flax-mill since she was six years old. Elizabeth described to them the cruel working conditions she endured as a child being exploited by avaricious business owners. She worked for eleven hours every day, and was left with forty minutes to eat lunch. Her work left her physically handicapped, and once she could not do the work anymore, she was let go and left to live in the poorhouse until she died a few years after her testimony was taken. When reading through her entire statement, there is no doubt that Elizabeth was a smart, intellectual person. If she was given the proper education, she could have given many important and beneficial

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