The Industrial Revolution Of The Late 1700 's And Early 1800 ' S

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Times of hardship and change transpired remorefully greater during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s for Americans. A period at which rapid growth and fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, textile and metal manufacture, and transportation. The Industrial Revolution changed people’s way of life at which new machinery, transportation, and technology was developed. Those inventions were too advanced for workers who worked in the factories to keep up with so they had to quickly advance in their abilities. It began in England and expanded to the United States at which the supply was not meeting the demand so creating new inventions was ideal and constructed a higher supply for a greater demand for a cheaper price. John Kay in 1733 decided to invent and patent a machine that worked off of electricity that made fabric making faster and easier. He was a great inventor who changed the world by manufacturing clothing that is still in effect today and impacted the 21st century. According to Robert Edgar author of Pearson World History Past and Present textbook “,Their machines and the new power sources expanded productivity and transformed society in ways never before imagined”. As the demand was outweighing the supply, manufactures were required to generate more and meet society’s demands, which caused factories to be very diligent. The idea was off from there and traveled to the United States where it was distributed became a remarkable point in History known as The Industrial
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