The Industrial Revolution Of The United States

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When people think industrial revolution they thing factories and smoke but the revolution was so much more than that. The industrial revolution transformed manufacturing transportation and communication. The century long even took goods normally made by hand and turned them into some of the first massed produced product. . It transformed the daily lives of Americans more than any other event to ever take place in the United States of America. The industrial revolution did not take place over night, on the contrary it was almost a century long affair. It’s important to remember that when the United States was just beginning the start if their revolution Britain had been already thriving. One of the earliest markings of the start in the U.S was in late eighteenth century when a man named Samuel Slater brought existing technologies from Britain to the United States showing America what they have been missing out on. Over the next few decades more and more mills and factories were pooping up. Development of transportation boomed with railroads along with new canals being built to help with commerce and trade. Before the civil war started in the nineteenth century we first see the steamboat, the telegraph, and the sewing machine. After the war the United States industrial revolution boomed at what many historians called a “breakneck” pace. The transcendental railroad was created to transport products, material, and people. Between the years 1860 and 1900 over fourteen million
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