The Industrial Revolution Sparked Invention

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ASSIGNMENT 1: PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING Mebin Mathews University of Wolverhampton 1227861 Introduction The industrial revolution sparked invention. Individuals and companies found new ways to make our lives easier. Even though the innovations help our everyday lives, we need to think about our future generations and what we are leaving behind for them. It is estimated that by 2050 we will run out of most of the metal resources. Metals are an essential part of us our survival. It can seriously affect the way we on earth. Sustainable development is the key to a brighter future with less waste production. Sustainable development involves three major sectors, social, economical and environmental. When considering these aspects separate, we can see that solution to a problem creating another. For example when creating affordable housing outside of city away from workplaces, it results in increased traffic and pollution that comes with it. Environmentalists win it seriously affects the economy and with that businesses related to that industry. From this we can see that everything is connected in one way or the other. THE HISTORY OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Sustainable development is an action plan to save the earths resources for future generations like fossil fuel. It is also an initiative to preserve the environment we live in. The table below shows the progression of sustainable development over years: History of
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