The Industrial Revolution Was A Turning Point In The History Of The Western World

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The Industrial Revolution was a turning point in the history of mankind. It changed the Western world as well as Europe from a basically rural and agricultural society to an urban and industrial society. Industrialisation brought many material benefits, such as the first commercial steam engine, coal and iron which provided power to drive the steam engines and was needed to make iron for tools to build bridges and ships. Also the power driven machinery in the textile industry, steam-powered looms for weaving.

The Industrial Revolution caused great changes in people's way of life. People knew they were in the midst of a nationwide economic and social revolution. Education and political privileges, which once had belonged to the upper class, spread to the growing middle class. The Industrial Revolution led to many cheaper goods, but also changed the basic balance of life between the low, middle, and upper classes. Goods were cheaper, but abusive child labour, pollution, devastation of resources all came with it. Yes, many things improved, and most things changed, but 'improved'? Just looking through that lens, things 'improved' because items for comfort and life improvements were made more affordable per piece - but they did come at a cost. If kept in balance, then industrialisation can be a benefit for the world, some historians feel. This is where a free and transparent government can help regulate and protect society with oversight and controls.
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When the industrial revolution took place in the late 18th century, children as young as age 7 could work full-time in factories or mines. Children accepted jobs because their parents needed money and businesses liked children because they were unlikely to try to go on strike or join a union. Another bonus was that the new industries could also do whatever they wanted to do with any biohazard
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