The Industrial Revolution Was Still Taking Place

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“An infinite number of comforts and conveniences which had no existence two or three centuries ago and those comforts are not used only by a few, but are within the reach of almost all men.“ This quote comes from The Working Man’s Companion, a book written in 1831 (Noonan 4). In the time the book was written, the Industrial Revolution was still taking place. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, new ways of thinking, inventions, and innovations were taking place. The people had transitioned into a factory system, moving away from the cottage industry. This greatly improved the economy, and after this transition, new political ideas spurred. Not only that, but the effect this had on the people were drastic. Whether the Industrial Revolution overall was positive or negative, is very debatable because there is strong evidence for both sides of reasoning. The positives, in the end, did overshadow the negatives because of all the progress that was made during that time. Politically, the Industrial Revolution caused new ways of thinking such as the laissez-faire system, socialism, and capitalism, but that was not all good. This started to divide the people based on different beliefs because not everyone could agree to one. Some people thought the capitalist were going to take over if the government didn’t step in and take over. These people were the Socialist (Davis Economic). They believed that the government should have full control over businesses. The others, that
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