The Industrial Revolution and the Technological Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution and the second industrial revolution were also known as the technological revolution. The technological revolution was a time of change and transformations from had tool and hand made goods to machinery that produced goods faster and better. Patrick Geddes first introduced the concept in [“Cities in Evolution” 1910]. But David Landes used of the term in a 1966 essay and in the unbound Prometheus 1972 standardized scholarly definitions of the term, which was most intensely promoted by American historian Alfred Chandler [1918 – 2007]. However some continue to excess reservations about its use. The Industrial Revolution made the United States the most dominate and powerful country. The Industrial Revolution was a time of change in the economy of Europe as well as the U.S starting in the 18th century through the 19th century. A large population of farmers left the farm and began making a living by performing factory work in the cities. The second Industrial Revolution was a period of rapid growth with U.S manufacturing in the 1800s. By the mid-1890s the U.S became the worlds Industrial leader. The transcontinental railroad was a railroad that would cross the continent and connect the east to the west. The first transcontinental railroad was originally known as the Pacific Railroad. Then later known as the Overland Route. The Overland route was a 1907-mile [3.069 km]. In 1854 orphan trains were organized by the New York Children’s Aid Society began
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