The Industrialization After the Civil War

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Assignment 1.2: Industrialization after the Civil War Final Paper
Melissa Rogers
November 10, 2014
History 105: Contemporary U.S. History
Dr. Reeves

Introduction The Industrial revolution improved the American lifestyle all the while causing many problems along the way. The Industrial Revolution contributed to the growth of cities and their economy. This created more jobs thus causing for workers to move their families to the northern regions of the country for work on farms or factories. The Industrial Revolution also contributed to many aspects that negatively affected some Americans’ working conditions, living situations, rate of pay, cause of death and illnesses and many other problems for the American people.
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Life was now all about work, the need to spend money and buying products. Another major aspect of the industrialization was politics. American politics were affected by political corruption. The industrial revolution meant more money and wealth for the upper classes, especially the owners of large companies of this time. It was thought that the wealth would be invested back into new factories, and so all of these things were accepted by Americans, at the time. However, towards the end of the 1800s, Americans grew tired and wanted something different. The American people wanted a change in government. Power had shifted to businesses. Politicians focused more on the business and money aspect rather than the American worker.
Groups Affected by Industrialization Five specific groups that were affected by industrialization were the Native Americans, Working class, Farmers, Immigrants and Children and Women. The Native Americans did not like nor agree with the building of railroads nor the intrusion by “new comers,” onto their land who brought diseases. The Native American people felt as though the building of railroads across reservation lands violated their treaty. They also knew that railroads would bring more white settlers. Diseases were brought in by these settlers and they also damaged their economy by killing off buffalo.
Another group affected would be the working class. Many were replaced in factories by
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